How to make a flower crown

Flower Crown

Flower crowns are a growing trend for kids and adults alike. Why not take this trend one step further and make your own scented flower crown? Use a combination of flowers to create an eyecatching crown that will set you apart from the rest. A fun project with your little ones over summer, or ideal for any upcoming weddings and summer parties. Selina Lake, leading author and stylist, makes it easy with her tips:   

I use rustic string wire which you can find at Dobbies to make these beautiful flower crowns.  First, measure around the head using the wire and cut to size, leaving a little extra length to wind and secure the ends together. Then use green florist wire to attach the flower and leaf stems to the rustic wire by bending the green wire around the rustic wire circle, and catching the stems as I go.

For more styling and crafting ideas from Selina, take a look at her flower bouquet and centrepiece guides.

Image & Styling Credit: Selina Lake

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