How to: Make A Butterfly Feeder

Make your own butterfly feeder with your little ones for a fun Children’s activity. All you need is a paper plate, some string and a mushy banana to attract our fluttery friends.


Follow these steps:

  1. Punch 3-4 holes at even distances around the edge of a paper plate.
  2. Thread long pieces of twine or string through each hole and secure these with a knot under the plate.
  3. Use the twine or string to hang the plate from the branches of a bush or tree near butterfly-friendly flowers.
  4. Freeze a banana overnight. When it’s thawed out the next day, it should be dark and mushy – perfect butterfly food.
  5. Add some banana to the plate and, if it dries out, wet it with a little fruit juice.
  6. Change the food every few days.
  7. For a longer lasting feeder, use a thin plastic plate or the lid of a large ice-cream tub.


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