How to: Grow sunflowers - Part 1

Sunflowers are the perfect plants for all the family to grow, with their cheery blooms guaranteed to raise a smile. They’re simple to sow from seed, which makes them great value for money, and you don’t need any special kit to get cracking (starting them on a windowsill is ideal). Sunflower seeds are large and easy for young children to handle, and there are no end of sizes and colours to choose from – pick small varieties for patio pots and medium ones for borders, sticking to giant ones for competitions. We’ve divided this guide into three parts, meaning we’ll be with you every step of the way – stay on track with us to guarantee beautiful sunflowers by summer.

Start in March.

What you'll need:

Step 1
Fill small flowerpots with multi-purpose compost – you’ll need one pot per sunflower seed. Break up any lumps with your hands.

Step 2
Create a hole in the centre of each pot that’s 2-3cm deep. Use a plastic dibber or your finger.

Step 3
Put one sunflower seed in each hole and cover with compost – firm it down with your hands.

Step 4
Gently water each pot, taking care not to splash it over the side. Let the liquid soak in and water again. 

Step 5
Add a plant label as a reminder of the sunflower variety you’ve sown.

Step 6
Keep the pots in a frost-free place (a windowsill is ideal) and wait for the seedlings to appear. Keep the compost moist. 



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