How to: Grow strawberries

Growing your own crop of sweet, delicious strawberries couldn’t be easier – just imagine nibbling away on succulent fruits, knowing they’ve come no further than the plants in your garden. Nothing beats the satisfaction, not to mention the taste, of growing your own. Don’t worry if you haven’t room for loads of strawberry plants, as you only need a few to reap the benefits of an in-season harvest. It’s also possible to grow them in pots or planters, meaning you can still enjoy a crop if you’ve only got a patio or balcony. Just follow our simple growing guide, and you’ll be enjoying beautiful strawberries in time for Wimbledon.

What you'll need:

How to grow perfect strawberries:

Step 1
Put a few stones or broken china in the bottom of your strawberry planter. This handy idea helps to save compost and improve drainage.

Step 2
Half fill the planter with compost. You’ll find this in-store and it’ll provide plants with plenty of nutrients to keep them going for months on end.

Step 3
Add one strawberry plant to each hole in the planter, taking care not to damage the roots in the process. Fill up with more compost as you go.

Step 4
Work your way up the planter until every hole has a strawberry plant and the compost almost reaches the rim.

Step 5
Plant more strawberries on the top, making sure they’re not too close together. Pop in a label so you remember the variety.

Step 6
Give your planter a good drink, going gently to avoid spilling water over the edge. Also watch out for water splashing out of the holes.

Step 7
Keep the compost moist over the coming months and you’ll see the plants grow and develop flowers followed by fruits.

Step 8
Pick the fruits when they are ripe – it’s a simple as that. You just need to resist the temptation to eat the lot before you’ve got a bowl full! 

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