How to: Grow delicious peas - Part 1

If you grow your own peas, it’s likely they’ll never make it to the kitchen table! The home-grown versions are so delicious that you’ll end up eating them straight from the plant – they’re gorgeous little things that are as sweet as any candy. They’re easy to grow too, which means anyone can have a piece of the action, and you don’t need any specialist kit to get cracking – just follow our three-part guide and you’ll be enjoying a delicious harvest in no time. Mange tout and sugar-snaps are grown in the same way, so why not give all three a go?

What you'll need:

Step 1
Fill small flowerpots with multi-purpose compost – you’ll need one pot per pea seed. Break up any lumps with your hands.

Step 2
Create a hole in the centre of each pot that’s 2-3cm deep. Use a plastic dibber or your finger.

Step 3
Put one pea seed in each hole and cover with compost – firm it down with your hands. 

Step 4
Gently water each pot, taking care not to splash it over the side. Let the liquid soak in and water again. 

Step 5
Add a plant label as a reminder of the pea variety you’ve sown.

Step 6
Keep the pots in a frost-free place (a windowsill is ideal) and wait for the seedlings to appear. Keep the compost moist.

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