How to Grow Begonias

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Begonias, like Dahlias put on a spectacular display during the summer months, and like Dahlias their dormant tubers can be overwintered in a frost-free garden shed from one year to the next.

The beauty of Begonias is their versatile, easy to care for nature, wide variety of flower form and colours, and most of all their long season of vibrant summer colour, continuing right up until the first frosts.

Begonias are ideal for patio containers, window boxes and hanging baskets and are perfectly suited to partially shaded locations away from the burning sun, great for brightening those shadier areas of the summer garden.

Within our extensive range you are bound to find the right Begonias for you, whether it’s hanging varieties to cascade from baskets, upright types for your patio containers and borders, or fragrant varieties to enjoy near a chosen seating area, all available in flower forms from delicate ‘kisses’ to large show stopping blooms.


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Start your Begonia into growth in the early spring. Single tubers can be potted individually into 5inch pots, or larger numbers can be started in seed trays before potting on when new growth appears. In both cases, Begonias need to be encouraged into growth in a warm environment such as a heated greenhouse, propagator or kitchen windowsill.

Two thirds fill your pot or seed tray with general-purpose compost sitting the tuber on top so that the hollowed side of the bulb is uppermost. Gently firm the tuber into place. Top up with extra compost, so that the bulb is around 1 inch deep. Water gently to settle into place.

Harden off before planting in their final positions once all risk of frost has passed. During the season water regularly, feeding fortnightly with a high potassium liquid feed such as a tomato feed.

As autumn approaches flowering will start to fade & the foliage will yellow. Lift tubers before the first frosts, allowing drying, before storing in a frost-free greenhouse or shed for the following season.


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