How to: Give birds a home

Winter and spring can be tough on our feathered friends so it's important to give them a helping hand when we can by providing food, fresh water and shelter. There's something in it for you too though as nothing beats hearing the birds twitter and tweet around your garden. Plus it's a great excuse to take up bird watching! We've pulled together our top tips for attracting birds to your garden.

We recommend bird nests, baths and tables to welcome a variety of different birds into your garden. Here's why...


Why do I need a nest box?

Give birds a helping hand to find a home in your garden with a nest box. Lots of birds will enter nest boxes during autumn and winter, looking for a place to stay and feed, with many often staying on until spring to nest.

Our top tips for nest boxes:

  • Put up several boxes around your garden to attract different species
  • Place boxes in areas where the entrances isn't hidden so they're easy to enter
  • Tilt your box forward at a slight angle so rain will run off the roof and keep birds dry inside
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Why do I need a bird bath? 

There are many ways to provide water for birds in your garden, but one of the easiest is with a bird bath. Birds love bath time and it's important they have a supply of water all year round, especially during the winter months.

Our top tips for bird baths:

  • Clean your bird bath regularly to help prevent birds catching diseases
  • Try to add fresh water every week or so
  • A light ball floating in your bird bath will move in the breeze and keep a small amount of water ice-free during winter
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Why do I need a bird table?

Perfect for feeding birds and also an attractive addition to your garden, bird tables are a popular choice. They provide a welcome source of food for birds, particularly over autumn and winter, and are a great way to enjoy bird spotting.

Our top tips for bird tables: 

  • Place in a position where birds can feel safe from unwanted visitors while they feed
  • Clean your table every week or so when you put out fresh food
  • Carry out some annual maintenance in autumn with a thorough clean, checking screws and making sure your table is still in a safe place
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For more tips on feeding birds, and the different types of foods they like, take a look at our bird care infographic. For even more ideas watch our bird care video or why not five making your own fat cake for birds a go with our step by step guide?


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