How to: Feed Your Plants

It’s essential to feed plants in pots – here’s what you need to know.

Why use plant feed?

Plant food maintains soil fertility and ensures your plants thrive. They contain essential nutrients and should be mixed in or watered onto your compost as directed throughout the growing season.



This is liquid feed that needs to be mixed with water and applied regularly.


Liquid or granular plant feed that can be applied without diluting first.

Slow release 

These feeds are mixed with compost either as granules or clusters of granules. Nutrients are released slowly and steadily over the growing season, so this is ideal for those who want to feed and forget. Slow-release feed is often mixed into composts.


Comfrey feed can be made at home and is ideal for the organic gardener.


Top tips
✓ Avoid overfeeding plants.
✓ Water in granular feeds.
✓ Wash hands after applying feeds. 
✓ For best results choose feeds designed for different plant groups; fruit and vegetables, trees and shrubs, and houseplants.

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