How to: Design my garden


If you fancy designing a garden you’re in the right place. We’re full of design ideas from planning to tricks for small spaces.

Garden designs are at the heart of how to plan a garden. It may sound obvious, but the key to easy garden design starts by taking pen to paper and making a list of all the elements you’d like to include in your space. Once you’ve done this, begin to look at other garden layout ideas and see how these compare with your vision.

When planning a garden, create a scrapbook and you’ll soon begin to see the kind of designs that catch your eye. Don’t just look for garden design ideas in the UK – overseas inspiration also plays an important role. So, feeling inspired to design your own garden?

Choose your style:

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to include in your design, along with a rough layout, it’s time to settle on a style. Perhaps urban garden design has caught your eye and you’re keen to create a chic space that’s kitted out for entertaining and parties. Or maybe cottage garden plans have appeal and you’re aiming for billowing flowerbeds.

Cottage garden design is extremely clever by creating a colourful look of haphazard charm. It often incorporates herb garden design with the scope to grow fruit and veg too. The key is to stick to whatever style you choose – mixing and matching makes for a jumbled look that doesn’t feel thought through.

Contemporary garden design:

Contemporary gardens are one of the best examples of how to design your garden. They have a very clear style, often rooted in formal garden design, with strong lines and bold features to create impact. Contemporary garden design ideas take restraint, however. They often use a very limited palette of plants and just one or two colours in borders. In a contemporary garden, furniture needs to be bold and features kept as simple as possible – it’s not a place for delicate planting and twee statues. Of course, interpreting contemporary garden ideas in your own space is great fun and it’s also guaranteed to produce stylish results.


Modern garden design:

Gardens of today have to work hard, often incorporating bins, bikes, washing lines and more, so where do you start with ideas for garden design? After all, modern garden ideas have to be clever – they’re all about creating a space that can handle the needs of everyday life. That’s not to say modern garden designs don’t look good. Retractable washing lines, attractive bin stores and carefully concealed kids’ toys are all part of the magic. Consider these practical elements when searching for modern garden design ideas and you’ll be on to a winner.

Small garden design:

Ideas for small gardens need to combine good looks with practicality. Look for small garden designs that make the most of a space and consider how they can be applied to your own garden. You need to incorporate as many elements as possible, including somewhere to sit, storage, and places to display pots and containers. Having said that, small garden design ideas are often very simple. They sometimes stick to one type of landscaping material, with small garden border design using a colour scheme. The same rules apply to small front-garden designs – keep things simple for a cohesive look and to give your home curb appeal. Most importantly, garden ideas for small gardens have to earn their keep and there’s no room for frivolous features.



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