How To Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs For A Fun Easter Project

Get creative this Easter and decorate boiled eggs with your kids, or decorate them yourself using flowers from your garden to add a sophisticated touch to your Easter decorations. Follow our step by step guide:

  1.  Boil eggs for at least 8 minutes
  2. Take small leaves of flower petals and lightly grease them with oil
  3. While the eggs are still warm, place the leaves or petals on the egg shell
  4. Cut up an old pair of tights and use a piece to wrap up each egg, ensuring that you tie them up tightly to stop the dye seeping under the leaves
  5. Mix food colouring with water in a bowl and place the eggs in the dye for 20 minutes
  6. Remove carefully and allow the eggs to dry on a paper towel before removing the tights, leaves and petals
  7. Your Easter 2018 project is complete! Add them to bowls or vases to create a seasonal centrepiece or let your kids roll them down a hill for a traditional Easter activity

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