How to: Create Perfect Rose Pots

What could be better than a pot full of roses on the patio? Many offer scent and flower for months. Just follow our three-step guide.


1. Choose a generous pot with a drainage hole and place it in a sunny spot. Fill it with a tree and shrub compost, then mix in the recommended amount of Miracle Grow Rose and Shrub Plant Feed.

2. Plant your chosen rose at the same depth as it was in its original container. A patio rose is ideal, or a standard rose looks stunning in a pot too.

3. Deadhead your rose once the flowers have faded and a second flush will soon appear. Water it well but avoid over-watering and prune it any time from autumn to spring, just above a healthy, outward-facing bud.

Our Patio Rose Mix (3.5L), can be found at your local store. Watch our video on how to grow your own roses for more inspiration.

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