How to: Create a perfect patio

If you’re looking for garden patio ideas take inspiration from our one-stop guide. From the best plants for patio pots to easy-to-achieve patio designs, it’s all covered here.

A patio is one of the most used areas of a garden, so it’s worth spending a bit of time on patio design. Firstly, consider the kind of look you’re trying to achieve and choose your furniture, patio pots and accessories to fit with your theme. Perhaps you’re after a cottage-garden feel with terracotta planters, wooden furniture and billowing flowers? Or maybe your patio garden design will incorporate contemporary containers and materials for a high-end urban feel?


Patio design ideas:

If you’re designing your patio from scratch, think of it as a bridge between home and garden. Patios should look good from indoors and be easy to access so you can enjoy impromptu drinks or snacks without any fuss. Practical issues are also key to good patio garden design and you should make sure you allow enough space to walk around a dining table, as well as providing shade in very sunny spots. Also consider the materials on offer – natural flagstones are perfect for creating a traditional look, while granite will create a modern, contemporary feel. And don’t be afraid to be creative with shapes – a paved circle or triangle can really make a statement.

Choosing patio plant pots:

One of the most exciting things about a patio is using it to display patio pots and planters. There are countless styles to choose from with every size imaginable on offer. Large patio pots are best because they require less watering than small containers, and provide the scope to grow virtually any plant you want. If you want foolproof plant pot ideas for the patio try to stick to one or two styles of container, so your collection doesn’t look too jumbled. A single theme will create much more impact too, don’t mix and match materials.


The best plants for patio pots:

When it comes to growing patio plants in pots there really are no rules. It’s possible to grow most things in a container, if you fill it with the right compost and water it regularly – just ask our in-store experts for advice. From stylish topiary and small trees, to pretty flowers and delicious crops, anything’s possible. When it comes to arranging patio pot plants, position them in groups. Put the largest container at the back, ideally filled with a bushy evergreen, and use smaller containers at the front to display flowers. Position the groups so they soften the corners of a space or frame your back door.

So, whatever patio garden ideas you have it’s easy to find your style. It doesn’t need to be a time-consuming or costly process, just consider a few patio design ideas from the outset to create a space that’s right for you.



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