How to: Create a herb pyramid

Fresh herbs  are perfect for adding zing to your cooking  – mint torn into salads, rosemary with crispy roast potatoes and thyme  in hearty stews and gravies are just a few of the ways to make the most of herby pickings. But what if you don’t have room for a dedicated herb garden? How can you grow these delicious plants? Our stylish herb pyramid is the answer – three pots stacked on top of one another provide plenty of growing space, while taking up hardly any room on the floor. You can also mix and match herbs to have several all growing in the one place. Good looks combined with growing success make this project a winner.

 What you will need

Step 1
Add compost to your largest pot until it’s virtually full. Firm it down with your hands.

Step 2
Sit the next pot on the compost and begin to plant herbs around the edge. Use five herbs in the bottom layer.

Step 3
Repeat the process with the middle pot, followed by the one on the top. Use three herbs in the middle layer and one in the top.

Step 4
Add a layer of horticultural grit to the surface of the compost. This will provide a smart finish and deter slugs.

Step 5
Water the pyramid gently, taking care not to splash liquid down the sides of the pots.

 Maintaining your herb pyramid

  • Water the pyramid regularly, although make sure the compost doesn’t become completely saturated.
  • Pick herbs little and often, although don’t cut too much from one plant as it’ll take a while to grow back.
  • As a rule herbs like warm conditions, so position the pyramid in a sunny spot.
  • Refresh the herbs when they are passed their best. The mint may overrun the others so be sure to keep that in check.
  • Pull out any weeds that self-seed in the compost – they’ll steal valuable nutrients from the herbs. 


Plant herbs that enjoy free-draining soil, like thyme, near the top of the pyramid – mint and those that like more water are better near the bottom

Plant several of the same herb in the pyramid – this will mean you don’t always have to pick from the same plant

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