How to: Choose Climbers

Climbers for north, south, east or west


Buying climbing plants is fun as the choice is vast and varied. But before dashing to buy your favourites, make sure they’re suitable for the aspect you’re planting in. Here’s a helping hand…

North wall

Hydrangea petiolaris offers white flowers from June through to August. It is self-clinging, so doesn’t need supports or a trellis to climb up, and has a height of 10m when mature. This plant is fully hardy and there’s very little pruning required.

South wall

Honeysuckle brings pretty summer flowers and a wonderful scent to the garden, and will also attract bees. A woody climber, there are several types to choose from. You can expect a height of 2.5m when your plant is fully mature.

East wall

Virginia creeper (parthenocissus) will clothe your wall with impressive autumn foliage. This is a vigorous, self-clinging plant that needs to be kept in check, so it will need regular pruning – but this makes it perfect for disguising a wall.

West wall

Golden hops offer fresh green summer foliage and attractive hops. The plants will twist and turn their way up supports, growing about 2.5m each year. You’ll need to cut its stems to the ground every autumn and they’ll regrow in spring.


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