How to arrange a peony flower bouquet and wreath

Flower Bouquet

Arrange your own beautiful flower bouquet with flowers from your garden. Alternatively why not create a summer wreath to give all your visitors a bright and warm welcome? Selina Lake (stylist, author and columnist) talks us through her step-by-step guide to flower arranging and wreath making.   

Hand Tied Flower Bouquet

Start with a base flower - I used a beautiful apricot foxglove - then add another stem of a different flower at a slight angle, turn the bouquet slightly and repeat. Keep adding flowers and foliage at the same angle, slightly twist away the bouquet each time. When you’re happy with the arrangement tie the stems together securely, then snip the ends so they are all the same length. The bouquet should then stand up on a flat surface. Add ribbons for extra prettiness. 

Garden Summer Wreath

Peony Flower Wreath

To make your own floral summer wreath, start with an oasis wreath ring (£6.99, available in-store) soaked with water and fill the base with foliage. Here I used white wax flowers, eucalyptus and astrantia, then cut the stems short, and added a mix of roses and peonies. Use green florist wire or pretty ribbon to make a hook for hanging your wreath. Mist regularly with water to prolong the blooms.

Image & Styling Credit: Selina Lake

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