How to: Add Instant Colour With Pots & Planters

Add Instant Colour For Spring

Add instant and long-lasting colour to your garden this spring with gorgeous pots and planters.

Growing in pots is for everyone. Even if all you have is a doorstep or window ledge, a pot or two will provide instant colour and more or less instantly transform your home. If you have a more extensive plot, you can add extra colour and personality to your space by placing well-planted pots in gaps in borders, on the patio or either side of the front door.

And even if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, your garden can be transformed with ease – for those new to gardening or too busy to plant their own pots, Dobbies offers a container planting service. Just pick the plants and pot you like – or leave it up to us – and we’ll plant it up for you.

Give container gardening a go and you’ll be able to create a whole new look every year.

A Little Preparation

Before heading in store to admire the many different bedding plants, perennials, shrubs and climbers on offer, work out where you’ll place your containers.

Would you like to add scent to a sunny spot or are you hoping to brighten a shady corner? Are the containers being added to create privacy, hide an eyesore, or add a splash of colour? Or perhaps what you’d really like is to grow edibles or attract bees. Without a little planning, you’ll be overwhelmed by the choice of pots and plants and what you can achieve.

National Trust Pots By Woodlodge

Choose your Container

Next, it’s time to pick a pot. If you want the plants to be the focus, opt for a plain terracotta pot  to let them take centre stage. Coloured or ornate pots will make more of an overall statement, but take time to picture the plants and pot together rather than choosing pots and plants on their individual merits.

Try and buy a pot one size larger than you think you need as larger pots are easier to care for and offer the most impact in a space. Matching containers will make a design statement in your garden, so treat yourself to a pair if you can. Whatever type of pots you choose, it’s vital that they have holes in the bottom to encourage good drainage so that roots don’t rot in soggy compost – pot feet also help achieve this.

Pick of the Plants

For a dramatic and full display, choose taller growing plants for the centre of your container and trailing plants such for the edges. Shrubs, climbers and perennials can be planted in pots and are suitable for leaving in the pot all year.

It doesn’t all have to be about flowers – veg, such as beans or carrots, and herbs work well in pots too. Whatever your taste, growing in containers is undeniably fulfilling.


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