Guide To Watering & Water-Saving Solutions


Watering is a daily task for most of us gardeners but choosing the right products will help to water plants quicker and more thoroughly - giving you more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space! 

Before you buy ask yourself: 

  1. Over what distance do you need to water?
  2. How will you store the hose when not in use?
  3. How many different tasks will you require water for?

Now lets explore the different watering options available and the perks of each of these.


You'll need a hose solution based on the following:

  1. Hose Pipe – if short on time it's worth opting for the higher price point which will offer far better kink resistance. Cheaper hoses are liable to split, and especially kink, which can make watering very frustrating and time consuming. Choose the right length of hose for your garden to make short work of watering. 60m is the maximum so an additional tap may be required for longer distances.
  2. Hose Cart – storing your hose pipe on a purpose made hose cart will help to avoid any kink problems. 
  3. Tap Connector – There's a number of options available so speak to our in-store experts to ensure you pick a connecter that suits the style of tap you have. Most outdoor taps are threaded, so a screw-on threaded connector will be required.
  4. Accessories – A huge number of hosing accessories are available to make the job easier. Most gardeners find a hose gun useful as this allows you to adjust the flow and spray patterns in line with what your garden needs. Selecting the right gun saves time and effort! Lawn sprinklers are also very popular with lots of options to choose from to suit the shape of your lawn and area coverage.

Micro Drip Irrigation

This is a brilliant solution for automatic irrigation. The system works on low pressure plastic pipe, with a number of drip and sprayer solutions, used around a garden or patio area and usually connected into a water timer. Once a system is installed every pot, basket and plant can have its own water supply, which by use of the timer can be automatically programmed to turn itself on and off daily – a fantastic low-effort solution!

Water Butts

There are generally used for 2 different purposes:

  1. Collection and reuse of rainwater – Water butts can be used to collect rainwater from any downpipe. This is both environmentally friendly and particularly important in areas where water is scarce and there is a risk of Hosepipe bans. Water butts can be connected in sequence by means of a water butt connector (joining pipe), for maximum water storage.
  2. Storage of water in an inaccessible area. You can fill a water butt by means of a hosepipe, then use for daily watering by watering can.
  3. Water butts are designed to go on a stand. It is impossible to fill a watering can from a water butt with the butt at ground level. Combining your water butt with a plastic stand is by far the most simple and practical solution.

Find out more about installing a water butt and water conservation with our guide.

Watering Cans


It may seem obvious how to use a watering can, but there are a number of different options, and specific designs. Basic watering cans are a cheap and simple multi-purpose option but you will be using your can daily throughout spring and summer so it’s important to pick the best one for the job!

The type of rose at the end of the spout will define the watering pattern e.g. seedlings require more gentle watering, and there are specific roses designed for that purpose. The different rose options in your store. The length and shape of the spout will define the waterflow, again depending on use. Speak to one of our experts in-store who will know the best watering can option for each gardening task. 

You can also use watering cans to apply weedkillers but it's a good idea to keep a red watering can for this purpose to avoid accidentally watering plants with a can previously used for weedkiller.

Other Options

There are some other products designed to reduce the need for watering:

  1. Water Gel – this is a granular product designed to mix in with compost. When watered, the granules swell up and store water (it looks a little like jelly). This allows the plants to draw water from the gel for much longer than they would be able to in just compost. The gel traps the water in the pot, rather than allowing it to run through. This can be mixed into borders, but is mostly used in hanging baskets and containers.
  2. Gro-bag Waterer, Plant Halos Big Dripper – these are specific solutions to capture more water and make it available for tomatoes in grownbags or similar growing in greenhouses, where the demand for water is high.

 Browse our range of watering and water-saving solutions here and visit your local store to see the full range and speak to our experts.

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