How to grow on young plants

Growing on young plants is simple if you follow our step-by-step guide. The key to success is protecting them from the elements and watering them correctly. Find out what they need from you to bloom...


Fill small pots or cell trays with young plant compost and make a hole slightly bigger than your plants in the centre. Pop your plants out of their packs and plant them into the hole.


Water all plants but avoid overly wet conditions. Water well ensuring compost is thoroughly moist and repeat each time the surface of the compost becomes dry. As your plants mature it's best to water under the foliage canopy if possible, this will mean you reduce the risk of damaging growing foliage and flowers.


Protect growing plants from frosts and cold weather at all times. The ideal growing conditions are well-lit place with plenty of natural light and a warm temperature of around 16-18°C, a windowsill or growhouse are ideal spots. If this is not possible, supply the best conditions you can and turn your plants regularly to ensure they receive enough sunlight. For more information on how to protect plants during cold snaps take a look at our guide.


Avoid placing these tender plants outside until all danger of frost has passed. Before you begin enjoying colourful summer displays it is advisable to harden plants off before planting in their final spot by gradually putting them outside during the day and bringing them back inside or undercover again in the evening. This will give your plants the best chance to adjust to their new conditions.


When you plant up your plants in containers and hanging baskets it is best to add a feed to your plants. This is often neglected and you'll reap the reward of long lasting displays. There are several ways to achieve this and many products to choose from.

The two main types are: 

1. Slow release fertiliser - either add to compost when planting up or spread on the surface, this provides a released measure of feed throughout the summer.

2. Liquid feed - normally purchased as dry crystals these dissolve in water and feed your plants as you water.


Your colorful summer displays will last even longer if you take the time to check your plants over occasionally. Should you spot any pests be sure to take action quickly using a pest treatment. There are lots to choose from to meet your needs. 

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