11 Ways To Use Garden Grow Bags


Grow bags are great for growing tomatoes, there’s no doubt about that – and that’s what many gardeners use them for. But you can use them for lots of other fruit and veg too – in fact, they make a very handy mini veg plot for any shallow-rooted plant – and they provide an easy way to grow your own if you don’t have a vegetable bed.

Below are 11 suggestions for you – but before you get started, here are a few tips for success with whatever you decide to grow.

  • Choose a good quality grow bag (sometimes called a plant bag) from a reputable supplier – make sure it’s well filled and not skinny or floppy.
  • Like any container, they need watering regularly, especially if it’s hot and sunny – but bear in mind there are no drainage holes, so don’t be too heavy handed. Poke your finger into the compost to see how moist it is and you’ll soon get the hang of it.
  • While grow bags are packed full of nutrients, it’s a good idea to top this up weekly with a general purpose feed.

That’s all there is to it. Now here’s how you can make the most of this instant garden-in-a-bag:

1. Grow Tasty Peppers


Peppers will do well in grow bags, as long as you keep them under cover as they need warmth – if you don’t have a greenhouse, a growhouse
is perfect. Bell peppers are the easiest to grow. 
Image credit: Alamy

2. Sow Homegrown Cucumbers


Cucumbers will grow well in a sunny spot or under cover – just remember to keep them well watered.
Image credit: twochancesvegplot 

3. Try Your Hand At Grow Bag Aubergines


Try growing more exotic plants such as aubergines – as with all the plants here, plant two or three per bag.
Image credit: Alamy

4. Guarantee A Harvest With Courgettes

These are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and do well in grow bags outside. 

5. Add Height For Easy Grow Bag Harvesting 


Keep your garden grow bags on a bench or a simple homemade support – planks of wood on bricks will do – to make picking your crops easier.
Image credit: cardsbybetty 

6. Add Chillies To Taste 

Like peppers, chillies are best grown under cover or on a sunny patio, and will need support once they’re around 20cm tall.

7. Grow Scrumptious Strawberries


There are few things tastier than freshly picked strawberries and they’re easy to grow this way – find out more about growing strawberries here
Image credit: Alamy

8. Use Pots To Add More Depth


Use plant rings, or cut the bottom of plastic pots off, sink them into the grow bags and fill them with compost, then you can plant directly into the pots to give a bigger root run. 
Image credit: Alamy

9. Use Them Twice - They're Great For Winter Salad

Don’t throw your grow bag away at the end of the growing season – cut open the top of the bag so all the compost is exposed, add some controlled release fertiliser granules and you can use it for growing a crop of salad leaves into the autumn.
Image credit: houzz.com 

10. Add Grow Bag Compost To Pots Or Bigger Bags


We’ll admit that while useful, they’re not the prettiest things – but you can cover them up with hessian, put them in a box, or even add their contents to your pots if you’re growing veg – they have all the right nutrients for growing crops. 
Image credit: Alamy

11. And Finally...There's No Waste


After you’ve finished growing your crops, spread the spent compost between shrubs or perennials as a mulch. 
Image credit: Alamy

What are you waiting for? You can find our grow bags here and a great selection of seeds and young fruit and veg plants in-store. Have a look at our grow your own guides too for more ideas.


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