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Atrracting Wildlife 292X259

How to Make your Garden More Wildlife Friendly

There are lots of way to attract wildlife to your garden. Read our expert advice from Louise Midgley to find out more.

Flower Centrepiece Listing Image

How to make a centrepiece with flowers

Get creative with peonies and make a gorgeous centrepiece filled with your favourite flowers and greenery.

Flower Bouquet Listing Image

How to arrange a peony flower bouquet and wreath

Arrange your own beautiful flower bouquet with flowers from your garden.

Flower Crown Listing Image

How to make a flower crown

Why not take this trend one step further and make your own scented flower crown?


How to: Grow tomatoes

Once you’ve tasted a home-grown tomato you’ll never look back – they're bursting with flavour and easy to grow! Win, win.


How to: Create a herb garden

Fresh herbs make all the difference to home cooking, adding delicious zing and flavour to salads, stews and roasts.


How to: Grow tasty carrots - Part 1

Home-grown carrots are delicious, and the flavour of one pulled straight from the ground is far better than anything you can buy in a shop.


How to: Grow delicious peas - Part 1

Delicious and easy to grow too, which means anyone can have a piece of the action.


How to: Grow strawberries

Growing your own crop of sweet, delicious strawberries couldn’t be easier with our step-by-step video.


How to: Grow Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is easy to grow, either in a raised bed or straight into your garden.

Living Wall Thumbnail

How to Create a Living Wall

Create a living wall to add interest to your garden or home. It's a quick and easy way to grow herbs, fruit or vegetables and can be used indoors or outdoors.


How to: Grow perfect potatoes

Just imagine a steaming bowl of new potatoes, sprinkled with fresh mint and melting butter – what could be more perfect? Find out how to grow your own.


How to: Grow garlic

Growing garlic is simple. Just plant individual cloves and they’ll miraculously transform into bulbs within a few months.


How to: Grow onions

Growing onions is simple with big rewards. Our tips apply to red and white onions so you’ll have a crop that can be used in salads, casseroles, sauces and more.


How to: Maintain a lawn

Lawns are usually at the heart of a garden. Give yours a little TLC with our guide.


How to: Aerate a lawn

Want the perfect lawn? Guarantee beautiful results by improving drainage, getting rid of moss and top dressing - just follow our guide.


Which Lawn Mower Is Best For You?

Read our complete guide to different types of lawn mower and which will suit you best.


How to: Make the most of Growhouses

If you love nurturing young plants and growing from seed but you're running out of room, then growhouses are the perfect solution.


How to: Design my garden

If you fancy designing a garden you’re in the right place. We’re full of design ideas from planning to tricks for small spaces.


How to: Sow seeds

Seeing a plant grow from a tiny seed is one of the most exciting things about gardening.


How to: Sow salad leaves

Grow your own salad leaves and save pounds off the price of shop-bought bags.


How to: Feed Birds

Look after the nation's favourite bird, the lovely robin, with our guide to their favourite foods.


How to: Grow cut flowers

Nothing beats the charm of home grown flowers – they’re simply perfect for brightening up your living space and bringing a taste of the summer garden indoors


How to: Create a herb pyramid

Grow your own herbs in style with our space-saving Herb Pyramid idea.


How to: Grow sunflowers - Part 1

Sunflowers are the perfect plants for all the family to grow.


How to: Grow beautiful roses

Fill your garden with an endless display of traditional roses, you can grow them throughout the year.


How to: Grow sweet peas

Sweet peas make brilliant cut flowers. They’re easy to sow too, with big seeds that are easy to handle and quick to sprout, there are few flowers that are more rewarding to grow.


How to: Plant a patio pot

Fill your patio with gorgeous flowers and non-stop colour by planting a few pots. They’re a quick and easy way to transform the area.


How to: Plant borders or raised beds

Our planting in borders and raised beds guide shows you exactly how to get new plants off to the best start.


How to: Plant a statement pot

Give your garden a spot of designer style by filling containers with plants that look fabulous and provide year-round interest.


How to: Create a perfect patio

If you’re looking for garden patio ideas take inspiration from our one-stop guide.


How to: Landscape your garden

Looking for garden landscape ideas? This simple guide will get you on the right track to transforming your outdoor space.


How to: Use Buxus

Buxus is a versatile plant that’s useful in any garden. Find out how you can incorporate it into your garden.


How to: Use Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are stalwarts of the garden. Returning every year they provide great value for money and everlasting interest.


How to: Use Climbers

Climbing plants deserve a place in any garden. They create interest above ground level, making use of every inch of space.


How to: Plant Summer Bulbs

Early May is a great time to plant stunning summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and gladioli.


How to: Fix Tomato Problems

Here's our roundup of common tomato problems and how to nip them in the bud.


5 Ways To Style Your Home With Houseplants

Find out which houseplants are suited to each room in your home and how to care for them.


How to: Know Your Potatoes

Get to know the humble spud and all the different potato varieties, including what makes the best mash, in our handy guide.


How to: Guide to Companion Planting

Did you know that certain plants and vegetables can protect other plants from insects and diseases?


How to: Care For Young Plug Plants

Make this the year that your containers and hanging baskets are the best in the street by getting ahead of the game and starting now with young plants.


How to: Give birds a home

Top tips for attracting birds to your garden.


The Coffee Filter Trick

It can be tricky keeping soil moist but with our coffee filter trick you can't go wrong.


Regrow Spring Onions

Some vegetables are so clever they can regrow themselves! Try our easy way to regrow spring onions.