How to: Gift Wrap Gardening Tools for Christmas

Gardening tools make a thoughtful and useful gift for your green fingered friends and family this year, but they can be tricky to wrap. Avoid making a mess of things and follow our simple tips for a fabulously wrapped present you'll be proud to give. 

You'll need the following which you can find at your local Dobbies:

  • Dobbies Premium Gardener's Gift Set
  • Tissue paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Curling ribbon
  • Sprigs of holly or ivy
  • Scissors and tape


How to:

1. Nestle your fork and trowel together, and wrap them in two pieces of tissue paper, to give the shape soft edges.

2. Place onto a piece of wrapping paper to gauge how much paper you’ll need and cut the paper to size.

3. Neatly wrap the gift with the wrapping paper.

4. Tie some curling ribbon around the parcel.

5. Place some seasonal greenery on top of the knot in the curling ribbon.

6. Finish off with a bow.

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