How to Wrap a Christmas Poinsettia

Houseplants and flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, which is why they make great Christmas gifts! The bright seasonal reds of the Poinsettia flower don’t often need help to impress, however when giving a gift, presentation is everything. Follow our video for instructions on how to make your gift extra special. 

You will need the following, which you can find at your local Dobbies:

  • A Poinsettia in its plastic wrapping
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors 
  • Tape

1 Take the Poinsettia out of its wrapping, and lay this flat onto your table top.

2 Place the Poinsettia onto the wrapping and draw a circle around the base of the pot.

3 Cut out the circle, and discard the rest of the wrapping.

4 Place a sheet of gold tissue paper onto your table.

5 Put the circle you’ve cut out in the centre of the paper.

3 Pop the pot on top of the circle.

4 Smooth a portion of the paper up one side of the pot, and fold a crease on the next section. Take this up the side of the pot to make a neat pleat at an angle.

5 Repeat until you have neat pleats around the pot.

6 Fold over the tips of the paper, making it look attractive where the paper ends and the plant begins.

7 Wrap red ribbon around the top of the pot and tie a bow.