How to: Plant a Winter Hanging Basket


We love this bright hanging basket. Our expert, Marc Proctor, explains how to plant it in 6 easy steps.

  1. Add a liner to a 30cm hanging basket and fill it three-quarters of the way to the top with multipurpose compost.
  2. Place three small variegated ivies at equal intervals around the edge of the basket. Don’t firm them in yet, as you will add more plants.
  3. In-between each ivy, place a white winter-flowering heather around the basket’s edge. The heathers and cabbages are available in pink too, so you can vary the colour scheme with the same plants.
  4. Firm the plants in and backfill any gaps with compost.
  5. Plant four ornamental winter cabbages in the centre of the basket, and firm them in place.
  6. Water well and hang in a sunny, sheltered place.