How to Make your own Christmas Crackers

For something a bit different this year why not personalise your Christmas crackers with trimmings from your garden? Simply choose your own flowers, foliage and berries to compliment your festive table setting. 

What you will need:

  • Christmas crackers
  • Floristry wire
  • Selection of flowers and greenery – we used three roses per cracker and cuttings from the garden including Eucalyptus, Conifers, Laurel and Hypericum berries
  • If using fresh flowers we recommend using a small oasis ring or square to attach to the cracker and keep your flowers looking fresh 

Cracker 300px


Step 1

If opting for an oasis foam ring, place this in a bowl with water and plant food. Allow to sink to the bottom of the bowl and soak.

Step 2

Remove from bowl and place back into the plastic cup. Leave the cracker to one side. Remove surplus leaves from your flowers and cut to a similar length just a bit taller than the cracker. Keep your foliage a bit longer to create a fuller arrangement.

Step 3

Start by arranging your foliage from the outside working your way around. It is best to work with odd numbers alternating between different types of greenery to add interest before adding the finishing touches with your flowers. The key is to not cut the stems too short to ensure you get the height in the arrangement. You can also accessorize with small accent baubles and floristry wire or even edible treats.

Step 4

If you aren't using oasis foam, then simply select your preferred greenery and, using your wire or twine, tie the greenery around each end of the cracker for an eye catching look. You could even attach a small bauble  that's just your guest's style for a lasting memory.

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