How to Make a Christmas Table Centre

Christmas Table Centre

Get your Christmas dinner off to a great start, by creating a stylish table centre. It’s a lovely way to bring festive cheer to a dining room, and just the thing to give Christmas meals the wow factor. Creating your own isn’t complicated - just follow this simple step-by-step guide, and incorporate things picked from the garden to give it a rustic, homespun look and to keep the cost to a minimum. It’s also possible to work in a few artificial 'ingredients' that you can keep year on year and chop and change to get a different look. And try to match the colour scheme of your centrepiece to the rest of your table setting and other decorations.

What you'll need:

  • A piece of Oasis and a plastic tray
  • Plastic candle holders
  • Evergreens gathered from the garden
  • Rosehips and berries 
  • Festive trimmings
  • Candles

Step 1
Soak the Oasis in water, allowing it to absorb the liquid over time – it’s usually best to let this happen over night. 

Step 2
Slot the Oasis into the plastic tray – choose a tray that matches the size of your Oasis when buying.

Step 3
Push the candle holder(s) into the Oasis – it’s easiest to do this before you add any other elements.

Step 4
Cover the Oasis by inserting sprigs of evergreens all over it – try to make the shape of the decoration as uniform as possible.

Step 5
Add berries and rosehips to give it a splash of festive colour. Space them evenly making sure all the same types aren’t together.

Step 6
Incorporate the festive trimmings, securing with fine wire if you need to. Make sure they complement the other ingredients.

Step 7
Add the candle(s) to the holder(s) and you’re decoration is complete – just move it to your table and enjoy the festive scene.