How to: Keep Your Poinsettias For Next Year

How To Keep Poinsettia

Claire Turnham, Horticultural Manager at our Cirencester store, shares her tips for caring for your poinsettia to see them into the New Year:

  • Continue to water the poinsettia as normal, and in April, prune all stems down to 10cm. Some people are sensitive to its white sap, so wash your hands and cutting tools after use.
  • Once it has been pruned, move the plant into a slightly larger pot filled with multi-purpose compost.
  • Place in a shady position outside over summer, before bringing it back indoors in early September.
  • Poinsettias need 14 hours of darkness a night to produce colourful bracts, so place a box over the plant in the evening and remove it in the morning. Do this for eight weeks, then treat it as normal – it will be ready for another Christmas.