How to: Grow Orchids

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These stunning flowering houseplants are easy to care for, if you follow these tips from our horticultural expert, Marc Proctor.

  1. Most orchid varieties will do best when they are in a bright room, but protected from direct sunlight.
  2. Orchids thrive in high humidity in summer, so spraying with a fine mist regularly is beneficial.
  3. Overwater orchid compost and you may end up with rotting roots – reduce watering to every 10 days or so in winter and allow the plants to drain afterwards.
  4. Orchids should be grown in a loose bark compost and fed with orchid feed – like watering, this should be reduced in winter.
  5. Deadhead orchids once their flowers have faded to encourage more blooms, and repot them every two years regardless of whether they have outgrown their pots.
  6. For a sophisticated display, try grouping two or three together.

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