How to: Gift Wrap Kid's Toys for Christmas

Make Christmas extra special for your kids this year with our tips on how to gift wrap kids toys in unusual ways. In this video we've used a terracotta pot to hide Dobbie the reindeer soft toy, ready to be opened on the big day. Try it yourself and see your little ones faces light up this Christmas!

You'll need:

  • Dobbie the reindeer soft toy
  • Terracotta pot (30cm high) and pot saucer, available in-store at your local Dobbies
  • Tissue paper
  • Thick ribbon (approx 5cm thick)
  • Baubles of your choice


How to: 

1. Place a soft bed of tissue paper at the base of the plant pot.

2. Sit Dobbie the Reindeer neatly inside, folding her arms in front of her body.

3. Gently bend Dobbie’s head forwards and pop the plant pot base on top of the plant pot. (Her head should pop up when the lid is lifted.)

4. Place the red ribbon onto a flat surface and put the plant pot – upside down –onto the ribbon at the midway point.

5. Bring the ribbon up at the sides of the pot, cross and twist at the top, then bring them down the opposite sides of the pot.

6. Turn the plant pot the right way up and tie a bow so it sits on the top.

7. Attach the baubles to the ribbon.

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