How to Enjoy your Garden this Christmas


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Gardens can bring pleasure whatever the weather - here are some good reasons to brave the cold. 

Al fresco hot chocolate

Because the evening sky appears clearer and sharper in winter, it is a good time to sit out and watch the stars. It’s even better if you can light a fire pit, toast some marshmallows, and pop them on top of a mug of hot chocolate – delicious and warming.

Feast for the birds

When they are not helping to prepare a feast in the kitchen this Christmas, why not let children put on a feast for the birds outside? Black sunflower seeds are an excellent feed for winter and mealworms will go down a treat with robins and blue tits. And if your children love watching the birds, you
could cut the stem on your bird table so your little ornithologists can top up the bird food with ease.

Let it snow

When, and if, the snow arrives, we will all want to make the most of it, so it’s good to put aside old hats and scarves for a snowman. The Guinness World Record for the tallest snowman (actually a snow woman) is 37.21m, or 122 feet – now that is something to aspire to.

Top tip: if heavy snow hits your garden this winter, make the time to knock it off the top of your hedges, otherwise it can damage their structure. It is a good idea to carefully remove any that settles on polytunnels and greenhouses too, whether glass or plastic.