How to: Decorate your real Christmas tree

Decorate Your Tree

Lights, Baubles, Action! 

As a professional stylist Craig Roman, our Head of Visual Merchandising, is often asked how to decorate the perfect tree. Here are his top tips for the perfect look this Christmas. 

Christmas just isn’t Christmas until there is a fully adorned tree (real or artificial) in your home. First, devise your theme. If that is an eclectic collection of your heirloom decorations, you can create a vintage feel. For a specific scheme or look, you will need enough of the right colour and type of decorations before you start – so shop early.

Think about what you want your tree to say about you, and whether it complements your home decor, before you choose decorations. Traditional themes are big for 2017 – perhaps driven by the demands of today’s busy world, more of us are feeling nostalgic. If you are in doubt about how to create a look, come visit us at Dobbies and we will be happy to help you create your perfect tree.

When you are choosing new decorations, odd numbers work best, and that applies to planting or flower arranging too. Attach baubles with florist wire or ribbon so you can position them perfectly on your tree. Add your lights first – 100-200 per foot, but the more the merrier (much like home-made mulled wine). The best way to add lights is from top to bottom, circling the tree, weaving the cables into branches and distributing the bulbs evenly. This year, I am using a combination of cool and warm lights to create more depth and visual interest.

Next, add your basic baubles, positioning these deeper into the tree so there are no visible gaps (preferably larger baubles to the back and smaller ones upfront) then place more decorative baubles on the branch ends. Finish off the tips with bows, or drape a garland of beads around the tree. Add a tree skirt, too – it will hide the bottom of an artificial tree, and if you have a real tree, it will hide the electrical wires.

Finally, place your tree topper – star, angel, snowflake or something else altogether (I use a vintage Coptic cross). If it is heavy, just wire the branch to strengthen it first.

Happy Christmas decorating – please share photos of your tree with us on Facebook or Instagram. We'd love to see how you've decorated yours.