How to Dress your Christmas Mantle Piece

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A roaring fire forms the heart of a Christmas scene, but why not add to the festive feel by decorating your mantle piece? It couldn’t be simpler to do, and it’s possible to combine fresh pickings from the garden with bought decorations  to create a beautiful homespun feel.

Choose the finishing touches to match the rest of your home, theming the colours and styling depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Incorporate battery-operated lights to add to the sparkle, and use tea lights in glass holders to add to the magic. From incorporating stylish products, baubles and elements from your own garden, you can create a striking look that'll make a great impression on your guests. Make your fireplace the focus of Christmas this year with our step-by-step guide.

Featured products:

  • Traditional artificial garland
  • Battery operated lights
  • Berries and foliage from the garden - Skimmia also available in-store at Dobbies
  • Baubles and decorations (choose to match your theme) - selection available online and full range in-store at Dobbies
  • Tea light holders and lanterns - available in-store at Dobbies
  • Stag or deer decorations

1. Lay the garland along the top of the mantle piece, cutting it to length if it hangs over the sides, Carefully tease out the branches.

2. Thread the lights through the garland making sure they're evenly spaced. Use thin pieces of wire to secure them if necessary.

3. Add the berries and foliage from the garden. Nestle them in the branches of the garlands, securing with thin wire if needs be.

4. Create the finishing touches with bought baubles and decorations. Sit them on the garland or in front of it if there's room.

5. Position the tea light holders along the mantle piece in front of the garland. Add the candles and lights to complete the look.

How To Dress Your Mantlepiece 450X300px


  • Create a traditional look by decorating your mantle piece symmetrically - add interest at each end and a focal point in the middle
  • Most berries and greenery will look good for the entire festive season, however pull out and replace any that are past their best

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