How to Add Colour with Christmas Houseplants

Beautiful Blooms & Berries

We love cut fresh flowers just as much as we adore plants – and when selected and arranged to complement your seasonal decor, they can look just as festive as holly or ivy. Our fishbowl vase below contains roses, hypericum berries, eryngium seed heads (sea holly) and eucalyptus. If you add a splash of vinegar or bleach to the water before arranging your flowers, it will reduce bacterial build-up and help make them last longer. 

LSA Fishbowl Houseplant Idea 450X300

Growing Orchids

Whether for a thoughtful gift or your own home, orchids provide colour and interest. These stunning flowering houseplants are easy to care for and can revitalise a room in less time than it takes to find your paintbrush. Read our guide on how to grow Orchids.

Growing Orchids For Christmas 450X300


A single poinsettia makes an elegant centrepiece for a dining room table in itself, but for even more impact try arranging a row of them together – slip plastic pots inside attractive ceramic or coloured-glass pot holders. Another option is to create a mixed planting in a pretty bowl that includes ivies and flowering houseplants along with a poinsettia. Whatever way you choose to display them, poinsettias are up there with holly and mistletoe when it comes to plants that say Christmas. Read our guide on how to care for Poinsettias.


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