Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day 2018


As the countdown to Christmas begins, we are excited to celebrate the first official 'Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day’ on 8th December. 

The second Saturday in December has historically been the busiest shopping day in the UK for buying real Christmas trees, seeing double, triple, and sometimes even quadruple real tree purchases compared to any other festive shopping day at Dobbies! The arrival of the festive focal point in homes heralds the official start to Christmas, as we deck the halls with boughs of holly and welcome the magic of the holiday season.

To celebrate the first national 'Bring Your Christmas Tree Day' we have teamed up with expert stylist and designer, ‘Mr Christmas’ who has dressed over 1,500 Christmas trees in his 20-year career to share his ultimate tree styling step-by-step, so you can perfect your tree dressing decorating skills.

With so many trees going up on the 8th December, help us to light up Instagram feeds across the nation by taking part in our 'Social Christmas Tree Lights Switch On'. Simply share your tree lights switch on moment at 6pm on Saturday 8th including the tag #BringYourChristmasTreeHomeDay.  We can't wait to see your tree in all its twinkling glory.

Read what the media is saying about our campaign here:


As part of 'Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day’  we are proud to have partnered with MINI to demonstrate how easily you can transport your tree home safely and in style this festive season.

Take the tree buying essential gadgets

Before you set out on your Christmas tree hunt, make sure you are armed with the correct tools:

Tape measure - to check the height of your chosen tree as they can appear much smaller when they’re surrounded by other trees.

Gloves - Christmas trees are much pricklier than they appear so ensure you protect your hands.

Blanket/ dust sheet - to protect your car from scratches and if you do decide to put the tree inside the vehicle, it makes cleaning afterwards much easier.  

Ropes - for securing the tree to your roof or roof rack 

Dispose of any unnecessary pine needles outside of the car:

Your Christmas tree expert at Dobbies will net your tree*, naturally reducing the number of needles. However, to minimise pine needles strewn over your car, give the tree a good shake before and after its netted.

Wrap your tree up:

If you choose to tie your tree to the roof of your car, protect it from wind chill damage (which could dry the branches out) by wrapping it in an old blanket or dustsheet. Wrapping your tree up will also prevent your roof from getting scratched.

Tie it to the roof:

Saloon owners that don’t have the luxury of the MINI Clubman’s split rear doors, might need to fasten their chosen tree to their car’s roof. Ensure that the trunk is facing the front of the car and tie the tree onto the car’s roof with ropes. A roof rack will make transporting your tree as easy as possible, but if you don’t have one to attach your festive foliage to, tie it to the roof by threading the rope through slightly open windows.

Zone your car into two halves:

If you would rather pack your tree inside your car, zone your car into two halves. Position passengers behind the driver’s seat so that you can allocate as much space in the car to your tree. Flatten the seats on one side of your car and slide your tree in. Check which direction your seats fold too. If your seats fold backwards you may want to opt for a slightly shorter tree so you can pack your tree diagonally.

Packing a convertible:

Even if you drive a convertible and want to travel with your roof down you can still get your tree home. Net the street and slide it into the rear passenger seats, ensuring that you tether your tree to secure it and keep it safe whilst you are driving.

Ensure no branches are sticking out:

Leaving your tree sticking out of a side window could put pedestrians or cyclists at risk. If your tree does need to stick out anywhere, it should be from a secured boot, but ensure you tie a red flag to the end of it and be aware of the extra length when you are driving.

Drive carefully:

Most importantly, make sure your tree does not block any mirrors, or blind spots so you can still see when you drive. Finally, whether your tree is tied to your roof or in the rear of your vehicle, make sure you drive carefully.

Once your home and dry with your festive focal point, you’ll want to keep it looking lush and green right up until the 25th December. Dobbies Christmas Tree Buyer, Richard Lockwood says –

“Now you’ve brought your tree home, we recommend cutting an inch or two off the bottom of the trunk as soon as possible and standing the tree in water. If you are leaving the tree outside for more than a day, then the netting should be removed. If you are taking your tree inside straight away, then take the netting off once inside, as this will make it easier.

When it is up and in position - away from radiators or open fires - make sure your tree gets plenty of water by using one of our stands that holds water. Most real trees will need approximately 1-2 litres a day depending on the temperature of the room. Its thirsty work being the star of the Christmas season after all!”

Now all that is left to do is practice the art of balancing baubles and unfurling your fairy lights, for a tree that’s prepped for a present delivery come Christmas day.



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