How to: 10 Minute Room Update

10 Min Update Orchid

Swapping accents and accessories, including houseplants, can revitalise a room in less time than it takes to find your paintbrush.

If you enjoy keeping your interiors up to date, but do not have time to dabble with a paintbrush, Craig Roman, Dobbies’ Head of Visual Merchandising, has an answer. “As long as you keep furnishings, flooring and walls neutral, it creates a blank canvas,” he observes. “That way, you can transform a space in minutes by adding character and style with cushions, throws, wall art, ornaments, accessories – and houseplants, of course.”

You may be surprised to discover how effective it can be to simply swap a few key elements around. By introducing new colours, textures and themes (organic materials and nature are key trends this season), you can update your room in minutes. The easiest way to achieve this is by focusing on colour alone. For colour-coded houseplants, you could consider a phalaenopsis (shown left) for white, cyclamen  for pink, and sansevieria (mother-inlaw’s tongue) for on-trend yellow.

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