Young Plants Available Exclusively Online

Now is the perfect time to plan ahead for the changing seasons, making your wish list of those new varieties you would like to grow or new colour schemes to style your garden. Pre-order your chosen plants for delivery as soon as they are ready for the next stage of growing on.

Not everyone feels confident to germinate their plants from seed, but enjoy the satisfaction and rewards of growing their own plants from the young plant stage.

Dobbies Garden centres are pleased to be working with Jersey Plants Direct, a leading nursery specialising in the growing of an amazing array of bedding plants, shrub and cottage garden plants exclusively for mail order delivery direct to your home, arriving as soon as they are at the perfect stage for growing on.

Within our comprehensive range, you will see that each variety is available in a choice of pack sizes, reflecting the size of the young plants within. Our range of young plant sizes suit all skill levels, from experienced gardeners to beginners and nimble fingers to the less dextrous.

Autumn Bedding

170 Plug packs offer the gardener the most economical way to grow a multitude of plants, with a little care. Grow on for three or four weeks before planting out into their final position. The large pack size is perfect for sharing with like-minded gardening friends.

70 Ready plant packs offer the gardener the choice to buy their plants at a slightly more advanced stage. With a plug size of 2cm in width, they are at a more established stage, for growing on with ease in bedding trays or slightly larger pots. 

24 Jumbo plant packs are perfect for those looking to achieve quicker results. If desired, these more established young plants, with a plug width of just over 4cm can be planted straight into patio pots or hanging baskets, although we do recommend that you pot them up into slightly larger pots and grow them on for a couple of weeks before planting in their final positions. 

12 Mega plant packs offer the easiest of all options and give the quickest results. With a plug width in excess of 5cm these well established plants can be grown on larger pots or alternatively planted straight into their final position.

Care Information

Carefully unpack your plants as soon as they arrive, removing the tray from the box, which can be torn up and added to your compost heap.

Water gently, either by misting (perfect for our small plug plants), or by standing them in a shallow tray of water until the compost is moist. Remove the plants from the watering tray and allow them to rest for 24 hours.

Don’t worry if the leaves appear slightly yellow, or if a small amount of compost has come away from the root blocks, which is a consequence of the plants being shipped. This will not affect the condition of the mature plants.

Each order will include a care leaflet full of hints and tips and to ensure you achieve the best results from your young plant delivery.


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