Must do autumn tasks

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Keep your garden in check this autumn with our must do tasks. 

1. Clear leaves, moss and pond pumps:

  • Rake up fallen leaves and keep them in an old compost sack. They’ll rot down over winter to make beautiful leaf mould that you can use as mulch to enrich the soil in your borders in spring.
  • Clean the filters of pond pumps now before water becomes frozen or icy cold to avoid clogging. 

2. Look after your lawn:

  • Prevent disease and moss by pushing a garden fork into your lawn at 10cm intervals, raking and applying weedkiller. This helps to aerate your lawn, preventing disease and improving drainage ahead of the wetter weather. 
  • Feeding your lawn is a crucial step in its long term care. Use a high potassium lawn feed to restore your soil's nutrient balance. Ahead of spring you can also sprinkle lime to sweeten the soil.
  • Patchy? Now's the time to care for your lawn by sowing new lawn seed, allowing it to germinate before things get too frosty. Check out our 'How to Love Your Lawn' guide for fuller details.  

3. Paint and treat your woodwork:

  • Minimise costly replacements and protect your woodwork each autumn by re-painting and treating wooden fences, gates and furniture.

4. Collect seeds to use next year:

  • Check your border plants for seeds to collect. Ensure the seeds are dry before storing them in an air-tight container (e.g. tupperware) in a cool, frost-free place. You'll then be prepared for next year with plenty of free seed to use - making this a must for thrifty gardeners.

5. Maintain your tools:

  • Avoid spreading bacteria to your healthy plants by regularly cleaning your tools and soaking them in a disinfectant solution.
  • Store tools in a container filled with sand and topped with ¼ cup of motor or vegetable oil. The sand will help keep your blades sharp and the oil will prevent rust. You can also keep clippers rust-free by oiling every few months. 
  • Alternatively, if you keep your tools in a metal box, add BBQ charcoals to absorb the moisture. Tie charcoals in an old cloth or sock to prevent coal dust spreading.
  • Look after your cutting tools by sharpen blades with a fine sharpening stone. Prepare with a few drops of general-purpose lubricating oil before turning the blade over and brushing the stone flat across the blade surface to remove rough edges.


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