How to: Vertical Gardening

Just because you're short on space doesn't mean you can't enjoy the perks of gardening. We've come up with some clever, yet eye-catching ways to make the most of your space so you can reap the rewards of fragrant flowers, tasty vegetables and handy herbs, no matter the size of your garden. Make way for vertical gardening! Here's our roundup of our 5 favourite ways to bring out the vertical gardener in you.

Vertical Vegetables:

Grow fresh salads and veg in the tightest of spaces with this clever use of guttering. These simple planters are easy to make and perfect for brightening up walls, fences and trellises. Make some holes in the bottom of the guttering before putting in the compost and sowing your seed or planting plugs.


  • Perfect for covering a dull wall or fence
  • Can provide quick crops such as salads and herbs
  • It's a thrifty and low maintenance way to grow crops

Verticalveg 333 

Flower wall features:

You don’t need a large patio for pots. Why not mount them on the wall – there is a huge variety of shelving and brackets available to buy that can help transform your space and provide vibrant colour. Look in-store to find a style to suit you. 


  • Using a wall creates extra space for plants
  • It makes an eye-catching feature in a once plain spot
  • Allows for year-round colour, simply add some winter bedding at the end of summer
  • Doesn't have to be flowers - can be used for a variety of plants from scented flowers to edible herb

 Verticalflowers 500

Flower pot ladder:

Can’t fit all your pots on to the patio? Make use of an old ladder to create a focal point in the garden. Perfect for small gardens where ground space is limited, ladders make a handy pot stand. Make a feature using a group of pots and add height to your garden at the same time. 


  • A low-cost way to add planting space to a tight spot
  • Add your own finishing touch by painting your ladders
  • Perfect for an all year round display 

Verticalladders 500 


Herb garden:

Create your perfect herb garden out of an old pallet. Used upright and mounted on a wall, it’s an ideal space-saver. Pack your pallet with compost and plant up with herbs such as thyme, parsley, majoram and basil or herbs that will spill out of the pallet such as trailing rosemary.


  • Provides easy pickings for flavoursome cooking
  • Creates a larger planting area that takes up little ground space
  • Low-cost - check with local gardening or hardware stores
  • Herbs are simple to grow, meaning you can cook with thyme and rosemary all year-round

 Verticalpallet 333

Green Wall:  

Hide ugly or dull brickwork with a living green wall. You can buy systems as simple as hanging pockets or choose a green wall system that gives more coverage. Fill with foliage or flowers to create a show-stopping feature. It’s a good idea to include plants with a trailing habit, such as ivy. Other good plants to use include heuchera, ajuga and carex.


  • It's a striking way to use plants in a small garden
  • Provides a screen for features you want to hide such as sheds and garages
  • Green walls can be planted with anything from grasses, ferns and bedding to fruit and herbs
  • A green wall can be planted in shade or sun

Green 450

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