How to: Inject Colour With Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are stars of the autumn garden, bursting into bloom when the flowers of summer are all but a distant memory. They form beautiful balls of colour, which last for weeks on end, and are available in pink, yellow, purple, bronze, white and virtually every colour in between. Use them to brighten up the front of a border, or plant them in pots to liven up your patio or doorstep. Best of all, chrysanthemums are hardy meaning they’ll put on a display every year.

Chrysanthemums – the golden rules

  • Remove blooms as they fade – this will keep the plant looking healthy and encourage more flowers to come.
  • For the best results and non-stop blooms, plant chrysanthemums in a bright, sunny spot.
  • Water potted chrysanthemums regularly, making sure their compost never dries out (particularly in drying autumn winds).
  • Add a general-purpose fertiliser to soil when planting – this will get your chrysanthemums off to the best possible start.
  • Cut down dead woody stems in spring – you’ll see plenty of new shoots at the base of plants that will quickly put on growth.

Top tips:

  • Plant chrysanthemums in groups to create big impact and blocks of colour – groups of three and five work the best.
  • Combine contrasting or complementary coloured chrysanthemums to create a striking display – bronze and purple is a winner.



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