How to: Get creative with pumpkins

Little beats using pumpkins to make Halloween decorations,
but why not think beyond carving a traditional lantern? There are several ways to make beautiful features with these bright orange vegetables. Each option is easy to achieve and guaranteed to create an impact, especially when paired with fresh flowers.

Our two favourites are a decorative planter, for an outdoor table or doorstep, and a floral table centre for indoors. They don’t use any fancy equipment, and you’ll find all the extras you need in-store. Just follow these simple step-by-step guides and you’ll have results in no time – perfect for creating the Halloween wow factor with the minimum of fuss. 

Decorative Planter - we used:

1. To make a planter start by cutting the top from the pumpkin and scooping out the flesh and seeds from inside.

2. Half fill the pumpkin with Dobbies multi-purpose compost, just as you wold do with a container.

3. Add a mix of seasonal plants in shades of orange and yellow. Solanum and heather are good choices.

4. Fill any gaps with more compost, water well and position on a table or porch.

Tip: Make the opening on the top of the pumpkin as wide as you can - this will help you fit in as many plants as possible. 

Table Centre - we used:

  • Pumpkin available in-store at Dobbies
  • Flowers from Dobbies (orange and yellow colours work best)
  • Sharp knife and large spoon
  • Floral foam ring
  • Pillar candle

1. To make a table centre, again start by scooping out the flesh and seeds from inside the pumpkin.

2. Sit the pumpkin on the ring of floral foam, making sure it's in the middle. Soak the form well before use.

3. Cut your flowers to length and push them into the foam around the pumpkin. Make sure they're evenly spaced.

4. Stand a pillar candle in the middle of the pumpkin and your table centre is complete.

Tip: Water the floral foam occassionally to prolong the life of your flowers.