How to: Carve a pumpkin

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Pumpkin carving can be lots of fun for the family - and it can be super-easy with our tips. 

  • Choose a large pumpkin that is firm and shows no sign of decay.
  • Or if you're harvesting your own pumpkin, harden the shell by storing it on a permeable surface in a dark shed at room temperature for two weeks. 
  • Draw on your design with a non permanent felt tip pen so you can wipe it away if you make a mistake.
  • Cut the lid from the lantern by removing the top and stalk – keep your knife at an angle.
  • Scoop out the centre of the pumpkin, seeds and all.
  • Carefully cut our your design with a sharp knife, taking care with the blade.
  • Put a tealight in the centre of the lantern and replace the lid
  • Save the pumpkin flesh you've scooped out and create a warming pumpkin soup, pumpkin curry or pumpkin cake. 
  • Save and dry the pumpkin seeds you scoop out of your pumpkin's centre. You can sow the seeds next spring and grow your own pumpkin for next year. Or use them for in arts and crafts.
  • When your lantern has passed its best, cut it up and add it to your compost heap. This way it’s recycled and used for the good of your garden.
  • Always supervise children when carving.

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