How to: Care for Hebes

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Native to New Zealand, the late summer flowering varieties of Hebe, otherwise known as Hebe addenda are invaluable for their eye-catching flowers at a time of year when summer bedding displays are starting to fade.

Plant in patio containers to enjoy their exquisite flower spikes in shades of blue, white, purple, lilac or pink, from the end of summer right through to the first frosts. Their decorative blooms are also attractive to insects, particularly bees.

Tidy, glossy evergreen foliage, including some with attractive variegated markings makes them popular feature plants either planted on their own, or combined with pansies, violas, trailing Ivy and other late summer bedding plants for a topical display.

For a more contemporary theme, combine with grasses and eye-catching foliage plants such as Heuchera, which can then be planted out in the borders once spring arrives.

Remove spent blooms to encourage new flowers and water regularly to ensure the roots do not dry out. Protect from harsh frosts, either by overwintering in a cool greenhouse, or by mulching to keep the worst of the winter cold at bay.

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