Recipe: BBQ Roast

Bring your roast outdoors with our BBQ roast beef brisket in a whisky and onion marinade recipe. 

Serves 8



For the rub:

  • 1 tbsp onion flakes ❋
  • 2 tsp celery salt
  • 1 tsp dried dill
  • ½ tsp sea salt ❋
  • ½ tsp ground black pepper ❋

For the beef and veg:

  • 2kg beef brisket
  • Olive oil ❋
  • 125ml whisky ❋
  • 475ml vegetable stock ❋
  • 1kg small Charlotte or Jersey potatoes
  • 1kg Maris Piper potatoes
  • Fresh thyme
  • 500g baby carrots, scrubbed
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 500g shallots, peeled
  • 1 garlic bulb
  • Olive oil

1. Mix the rub ingredients in a small bowl. Press the rub into the meat and place into a large disposable foil roasting tray, cover with cling film and chill for 4 hours.
2. Remove from fridge 30 minutes before cooking. Take off the cling film and brush with the olive oil.
3. Prepare the grill for an initial high heat grilling of around 270°C/500°F. If using coals, set up the barbecue with two medium-sized direct heat zones on either side, leaving a large indirect zone in the centre
4. Sear the brisket over the high heat grilling bars for about 8 minutes with the lid closed, turning halfway through. Return the meat to a foil tray, pour in the whisky and stock and cover with foil.
5. Reset BBQ temperature to a low heat of around 150°C/ 300°F, place the tray in the centre of the BBQ with the lids closed for 2 hours.
6. Peel and quarter the Maris Pipers, boil in salted water until almost cooked then drain into a colander and allow to steam dry.
7. Place these potatoes into a foil tray with the fresh thyme, salt, pepper, crushed whole garlic and olive oil, ensuring the potatoes are fully coated and roughed up. Cover with foil.
8. Cut the small potatoes in half and set aside with the carrots and shallots. Season with salt and pepper.
9. After 2 hours of roasting, uncover the meat and turn it over. Place the small potatoes around the edges, and the carrots and shallots on top. Cover the meat again and place back for 1 hour.
10. Add the covered Maris Piper potatoes over the direct heat side of the BBQ and cook for 1 hour alongside the meat.
11. Remove from the barbecue and place the meat onto a carving board. Carve the meat across the grain into thin diagonal slices and place onto a serving platter along with the roast potatoes and vegetables. Use the juices to coat the beef.

Just so you know, we have the ingredients marked ❋ in our foodhalls in selected stores.