Recipe: Raspberry Gin

Raspberry Gin LARGE
Make the most of leftover berries with this super-speedy recipe for homemade raspberry gin. Don't forget you can opt for any kind of berry instead of raspberries or vodka instead of gin. Either way, this makes a lovely treat to take the nip from the seasonal cold or to gift to friends and family. 


  • A generous handful or small punnet of fresh raspberries 
  • A bottle of gin (or vodka) 

How to make: 

  • Add your raspberries and gin to a large kilner jar and store away from direct sunlight and leave to steep, undisturbed, for one week. 
  • When ready to consume, pass the mixture through a sieve and into a clean, glass bottle. 



Freeze leftover raspberries - and serve as a pudding throughout the winter with a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce.

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