Types of Houseplants

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Also known as Cape Primrose, Streptocarpus are much loved and admired houseplants available in a stunning array of flower colours. Native to the woodlands of South Africa they thrive in bright conditions in our homes & make a great gift for family and friends.


Commonly known as the Maidenhair Fern, Adiantums make lovely foliage plants for the home with their graceful arching fronds. Generally easy to care for, they simply need to be kept moist & away from drying heat sources. The perfect foliage plant for bathrooms.


Stephanotis are tropical climbing plants which in this country make lovely indoor plants. Trained onto a metal support, these special indoor plants carry clusters of waxy white trumpet flowers which fill the room with their heady fragrance.


Also known as the Boston Fern, Nephrolepsis are the most popular of indoor ferns. These versatile plants look great dropped into a ceramic pot or basket, or raised up on a pedestal or even a hanging basket. Ideally suited to cooler rooms of the home they are particularly happy in the humidity of bathrooms.

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