Spring Flowering Bulbs

Part of the joy of gardening is planning for the future, looking forward to seeing those jewels that emerge each season. The planting of autumn bulbs cannot help but bring excitement & anticipation as we wait to see them emerge above ground, bursting into colour to herald the new spring season.

As the summer season starts to draw to an end & the cutting back of spent spring perennials starts to open up gaps in our borders, September onwards is the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs to add a welcome vibrancy of flower colour early in the year before many of our perennial favourites have woken from their winter slumber.

Bulb planting is not limited only to the garden border. Many are happy in containers & work brilliantly tucked in amongst seasonal bedding plants such as Pansies, Violas & Winter Heathers. Then there are those bulbs that are invaluable for bringing intense fragrance into our home at Christmas time, happily planted cheek by jowl into a festive ceramic or terracotta bowl.

At Dobbies we have an extensive range of autumn bulbs to chose from and our knowledgeable staff will be only too happy to advise on the best varieties to suit your garden project, from spring containers to naturalized planting in lawns & orchards.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started…

Yellow Garden Daffodils 91618593

2 for £10 Collection

Savour scent in the home this Christmas with heavily fragrant, crisp white Narcissus Paperwhites & Hyacinth Blue Jacket.  Planted into a suitable container Paperwhites will be in flower in as little as six weeks, whilst Hyacinths will bloom for your festivities if planted by the end of September.

Try contrasting colour combinations for next spring, such as Tulip Queen of the Night with its famously dark colouring, with Tulip Shirley opening to reveal eye-catching white petals edged in purple which gently washes through the petals as they mature.

Or select perfect partners in the same colour tone to compliment your spring planting, such as pure white Tulip Purissima, one of the earliest & most reliable tulips for the garden, together with the charming Narcissus Thalia with its nodding pure white trumpets.

Istock 179283310

4 for £10 Collection

Choose from our range of bulbs for bees to ensure your garden is a haven of nectar when they awake from winter dormancy, from the earliest Snowdrops Galanthus nivalis and Crocus Blue Pearl, to the nodding checkerboard flowers of Snakeshead Fritillary meleagris, and by the invaluable Allium.

Plant a spring container to brighten even the dullest of days with these perfect partners – cheerful dwarf Narcissus Tete a Tete, vibrant dwarf Tulip Red Riding Hood with scarlet flowers above attractive foliage with purple markings. Combine with blue Anemone blanda and Muscari armeniacum.

Savour scent in the early spring with these sought after varieties: the fantastic plum colouring of Hyacinth Woodstock, the gentle apricot colouring of double Tulip Angeligue, pure white heads of Muscari Mount Hood and the fully double heavily fragrant cream Daffodil Sir Winston Churchill.


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