February: Pot Bulbs

 Crocus Flowers

Potted bulbs are perfect for tucking into those little gaps in patio containers, hanging baskets or garden borders for a cheerful splash of flower colour; adding an extra dimension to your early spring displays.

They are also perfect for those of us who, for one reason or another, missed the chance to buy spring flowering bulbs in the autumn. In some ways it is easier to find the perfect spot for them now that your borders are in their winter slumber and gaps become available.

Finally, there are some bulbs which establish far better if they are planted ‘in the green’, so to speak, such as Snowdrops, Aconites and English Bluebells.

We stock a comprehensive range of potted bulbs, from Narcissi to Tulips, Crocus to Scillas. Also included in our extensive range are Tulip combination pots, showcasing two complimentary varieties ready for planting straight into your patio container or garden border for an eye-catching and stylish spring display.

Potted bulbs are easy to use – simply tip them gently out of their growing pot and using a hand trowel plant to the same depth in their new position where they are to flower.


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