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Plant Of The Month

Find out which plants we recommend for your garden by month.


5 Ways To Style Your Home With Houseplants

Find out which houseplants are suited to each room in your home and how to care for them.


How to: Care For Young Plug Plants

Make this the year that your containers and hanging baskets are the best in the street by getting ahead of the game and starting now with young plants.


How to: Know Your Potatoes

Get to know the humble spud and all the different potato varieties, including what makes the best mash, in our handy guide.


How to: Plant spring bulbs

Follow our easy how to guide and wait for a colour riot.


How to: Plant spring bulbs in containers

Planting bulbs is an easy way to ensure colourful displays in your garden.


How to: Clip hedges and topiary

A neatly clipped hedge or topiary shape can make all the difference to a garden.


How to: Grow sunflowers - Part 1

Sunflowers are the perfect plants for all the family to grow.


How to: Grow sunflowers - Part 2

Check out part two of our sunflower series for the next steps.


How to: Sow seeds

Seeing a plant grow from a tiny seed is one of the most exciting things about gardening.


How to: Use Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are stalwarts of the garden. Returning every year they provide great value for money and everlasting interest.


How to: Use Climbers

Climbing plants deserve a place in any garden. They create interest above ground level, making use of every inch of space.


How to: Use Buxus

Buxus is a versatile plant that’s useful in any garden. Find out how you can incorporate it into your garden.


How to: Plant amaryllis

Little beats the exotic extravagance of amaryllis – their beautiful blooms make a bold statement and create a real focal point in any room.


How to: Lasagne plant with bulbs

Pack a punch and layer your bulbs now for a beautiful arrangement.


How to: Vertical Gardening

Just because you're short on space doesn't mean you can't enjoy the perks of gardening. We've come up with some clever, yet eye-catching ways to make the most of your space.


How to: Feed and water plants

Just like humans, plants need food and water to survive.


How to: Force Bulbs for Christmas

It’s easy to force hyacinths and narcissus to bloom early so you can display them indoors in time for Christmas.


How to: inject winter colour

Keep things bright and beautiful this winter with our colourful gardening tips.


How to: Protect Your Plants

Our handy infograph shows you how to protect fragile plants this winter


How to: Plant Summer Bulbs

Early May is a great time to plant stunning summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and gladioli.


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