Ball Python (Royal Python)

Native to Western & Central Africa, Ball Pythons can live up to 20–30 years. In those years, they can grow to 3 1/2-5´ (approx 100–150cms). 


Young pythons can be housed in a plastic container approx 20 x 10″ (51 x 25cms). An adult snake needs a large vivarium. The best substrate to use is wood bark or snake bedding as it is easy to clean & not too expensive. These snakes are semi-arboreal so it is best to put in some branches so the python is able to climb up when it wants to. Make sure any branches are securely attached & cannot slip.


Lighting is only required to provide a photo period which is 12 hours of day & 12 hours of night. UV lighting is not required since these snakes receive the benefits usually provided by UV lighting through their diet.


Ball pythons eat rodents, primarily rats & mice. The size of the food item is dependant on the girth of the snake; don’t feed your python anything bigger than the thickest part of its body. This is the recommendation for all snakes. If your snake is a hatchling it should be fed every 5-6 days but as it gets older it does not need to feed so often because thefat stores have built up during the year. 10-12 days is good feeding for an adult ball python.


to help with the shedding of your snake always provide it with a big enough dish of water to soak in. This is a normal thing & nothing to worry about. Snakes should shed in a single piece, if your snake is shedding in pieces you may want to mist it more or soak it in a warm bathe to help with the shed.


The temperature of the tank should be 83-85°F and the basking spot should be 90°F, the cool spot should be 80°F.
Night time temperatures should be 76-80°F

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