Budgerigars or budgies are friendly, cheerful companions for all age groups, and are particularly suitable for flats and other situations where a large pet may not be practical. Budgies are available in an attractive and sometimes unusual range of colours.

It is not possible to guarantee the sex of very young budgies, so if you particularly want a cock or a hen you should select a bird which is at least 3 months old. Your local Dobbies pet centre can advise you. Always take your bird home in a carry box, not in a cage.


Roomy bird cages are advisable, preferably the ones with horizontal bars. These allow your budgie to exercise his natural ability to climb around the cage. The budgie should be housed in an environment free from draughts and kept at an even temperature. Do not position the cage in front of a window or where the budgie can be interfered with. Sandsheets or cage bird sand should be placed in the bottom of the cage and replaced regularly. Before introducing your budgie to his new home, fill the water and feed pots and sprinkle a little seed on the floor to ensure that he has enough to eat until he finds the seed pot. Gently open one end of the carry box and let your budgie walk into his new home. If he does not settle readily give him some extra protection by draping a cloth around three sides and the top of the cage, gradually removing it as he settles down. Leave him to adjust quietly. You should cover up the cage at night only if the room temperature is likely to fall.


A good quality budgie mixture is available from your Dobbies pet centre. Check the seed dish daily, removing empty husks and refilling if necessary. Millet sprays may be given as a treat, but do not overfeed. Honey bells and seed bars may also be provided. Grit helps digestion and should always be available. Cuttlefish is a good source of calcium. A mineral block will provide essential minerals and trace elements. Fresh thoroughly washed green food may be given, such as lettuce, chickweed and dandelion.


Budgies are intelligent birds and like to be stimulated. Pop into your local Dobbies pet centre and look for our range of budgie toys to help keep them entertained. We’re sure your budgie will appreciate it.

General Care

With the right care and attention, your budgie will live a long and happy life. For more help on caring for your budgie, pop into your local Dobbies pet department.


These should not be allowed to become too dry. You should use a suitable fine mist spray, together with a special solution to spray on. This will ensure that the feathers are kept fit and clean. Some budgies enjoy a bath, but not all.


Chilling causes colds. The bird will be listless, with feathers fluffed up and apparently wheezing. Keep him warm. Do not bath. Treat with remedies from your Dobbies pet centre or consult a vet.


Diarrhoea is often commonly caused by an excess of green food, mouldy or contaminated food. Treat with remedies available from your local Dobbies pet centre or consult a vet.


Usually red mite, this is a parasite, which feeds on the bird’s blood, causing itching and loss of weight. It is easy to destroy them by using a suitable spray.

Beaks and Toenails

Should these become overgrown you will need to get expert help.


The cage, perches and food and water pots must be cleaned regularly.

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