Gardening tips for June

Now that summer is here, it is important to find time to relax in the garden and enjoy nature's rich tapestry, enjoying the fruits of your labours of previous months.


  • Plant summer bedding
  • Plant up window boxes and troughs
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs to prevent them becoming overgrown - we have a large range of pruning equipment
  • Thin out seedlings of hardy annuals that were sown directly into the soil
  • Sprinkle Rose Plus around Rose plants to encourage strong growth and a good flower display
  • Spray Roses with Rose Clear 3 to control pest and disease if necessary
  • Remove suckers from Rose bushes when they are seen
  • Support taller annuals and perennials with pea sticks pushed into the soil
  • Clip hedges
  • Water newly planted shrubs and perennials in dry periods


  • Tie new canes of Raspberries and Blackberries onto wires, keep them separate from last years growth
  • Pick Rhubarb regularly and do not allow it to form flower spikes
  • Remove damaged branches from Damsons and Plums
  • Spread nets over soft fruit bushes
  • Check fruit cages for tears or damage
  • Put straw under Strawberries to protect from slugs


  • Thin out rows of previously sown vegetables to allow them to reach their potential
  • Plant leeks when the plants are as thick as a pencil
  • Finish harvesting asparagus
  • Keep onions well watered to ensure that the bulbs swell
  • Pull up soil around main crop potatoes
  • Pinch out tips of broad beans to discourage black fly


  • Mow lawns more frequently and reduce the cutting height if the grass is growing quickly - we have a large range of lawn mowers
  • Water in dry spells provided that there is no hosepipe ban - we have a wide range of garden watering products
  • Feed tired lawns with lawn food to give them a boost
  • Apply a combined feed and water if you have not already done so.


  • Use a shade paint or netting on greenhouses to prevent over heating and scorching of tender plants
  • Feed all plants at least once a week
  • Use a biological pest control or spray if pests are a problem
  • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation
  • Continue training and feeding cucumbers and melons
  • Soak the floor morning and evening to keep up humidity


  • Continue to feed pond fish - we have a wide range of fish food
  • Remove any blanket weed by twirling it around a stick
  • Check filters on pumps to ensure they are not blocked.

General Tasks

  • Take cuttings of Geranium, Fuchsias, Coleus and house plants
  • Watch out for pest and disease in all areas and treat when necessary
  • Stake Herbaceous plants to prevent wind damage

Plants at their best

Mock Orange
Plantain Lily